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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
I am a cinematographer and documentary filmmaker with over a decade of experience in the professional and nonprofit fields. 
I aim to balance cinematic, eye-catching beauty with dynamic editing and storytelling to help share your project in a captivating and unique way. My overarching goal is to advocate for and lend a voice to social movements, progressive organizations and work with children and adults alike to help them lead more fulfilling lives. I believe that film is a powerful tool that can be an amazing catalyst for change.


Arica Nativa 2019

Quick Sand: Wheel of Time

Buddhist International Film Festival
Quick Sand: Wheel of Time

Culture Unplugged 2018

The Trees Around You

TedxTalks 2018

Mother of Exiles - Adalia Tara

Frozen River Film Festival 2018

The Trees Around You

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